The Super Power ® Project

SUPER POWER. A superfantastic, but confidential series of rundowns that can be done on anyone whether Dianetic Clear or not that puts the person into fantastic shape unleashing the super power of a thetan. This is the means that puts Scientologists into a new realm of ability enabling them to create the new world. It puts world clearing within reach in the future. This is a parallel rundown to Power in Saint Hills which is taken by the Dianetic Clear. It consists of 12 separate high-power rundowns <sic> which are brand-new and enter realms of the tech never before approached. Power is still very much in use on the Grade Chart but is for those who didn't go Clear on Dianetics ®. Super Power will be delivered at Saint Hills ® within the next 6 weeks as we are right now super grooming the Super Power Auditors in a special international course. It will be delivered in almost all languages. [2]

--L. Ron Hubbard ®

About the Project

Super Power is a series of twelve confidential Scientology ® auditing rundowns that will be publicly released when construction is completed on the building across the street from the Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater, FL.

Some or all of the rundowns that make up Super Power have been beta tested by Scientology's prison system called the Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF). The RPF is a very strenuous corrective measure for recalcitrant staff members in the Sea Organization.

In a briefing to Flag ® staff ca. 1987, it was announced that initial designs for the building included a large wide-open space that would make possible a special type of process for Super Power. Although this information has not been made public by Scientology, one rundown that will very likely be part of Super Power is an extremely hypnotic process that I will call the pole process. The pole process requires the member to run around a pole for literally hours at a time, every day for weeks or months. The design of the Super Power building definitely facilitates this pole process: note the dome-shaped roof in the image above. If construction designs of the building include a wide-open space in the center of the building, this will be the location for the pole process.
Related information and testimony about this process.

In the same briefing, it was announced that Scientology intends to make the building available for civic events, and that this public gesture would assist in Scientology's PR in Clearwater. It is my understanding that the wide-open space in the center of this building will be convertible to hold large audiences. The Super Power building is located across the street from the Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater, FL and is currently under construction (May 2001).

Scientology has announced that one of the Rundowns is an Ethics Rundown.[3]

Although Scientology has not released any Super Power rundowns to the general public, several years ago a fundraising scheme was announced whereby those who make a major contribution to the Super Power project would receive a sneak preview Super Power rundown. (The required contribution amount is believed to be $1 million.) One contributing Scientologist, Matt Feshbach, has received this rundown; he now solicits donations from other Scientologists for this project.

Scientology publicly acknowledges their members for financial contributions toward this project and gives them special status within the Scientology community based upon the amounts of their donations. The highest contributors are known as Legions of Honor. Oddly, such a designation has its counterpart in the occult, where legion is used to describe a large army of demons. View image that displays Scientology's honor roll system and designations. (~325k).

Super Power is Scientology's solution to a thoroughly controlled international population. It will be exported by a special corps of technically trained personnel to Scientology organizations around the world--this is not just a localized situation.

To begin the delivery of these rundowns, LRH called together a special team of auditors from areas and orgs around the planet--the beginnings of a new organization. [...]

LRH formed this team into a special corps with special responsibilities. They were to be trained to deliver the tech far above any level yet achieved. In Ron's Journal 30, he said:

"The New World Corps is being formed and trained this very minute, candidates for which must be Class IV. Orgs were once promised Power for their staffs. If Org staff are very, very good and get on policy and everything, they will one day look up and see a New World Corps team move in on them, and then...New World Corps means just that!"--LRH ED 301 Int, Ron's Journal 30, "1978 - The Year of Lightening Fast New Tech", 17 December 1978. [4]

--New World Corps


"LRH's Vision" refers to Aleister Crowley's "Vision of Power." [5] Some key words associated with "Vision of Power" are:

  • the planet/god Mars (aggressive male energy)
  • the god Horus (god of the New Aeon)
  • Strength
  • the Greek letter phi (Hubbard designated as the symbol for MEST, the physical in the Scientology axioms.)
  • the Oak (Some may recall the oak tree that was preserved at the Super Power site.)

There is a type of numerology called gematria which is employed in the occult to encode certain concepts. What follows is my attempt to decode the concepts of the Super Power symbol ® using gematria. [6]

  • Overall triangle shape
  • 19 vertical lines (total) in the logo
  • Arrow making up the middle 11 lines
  • 4+4 thin lines
  • 4+4 "Q-tips"
  • 3 "emory boards" in the center
  • Star at the top

Scientology uses the Rosicrucian concept of philosophical triangles in much of their basic doctrine. (E.g. The ARC Triangle and the KRC Triangle) The significance of this particular triangle is not clear.

19 corresponds with the serpent and the lion. It relates to the Greek letter theta, the Lust card. The Magical Power associated with 19 is "The Power of Training Wild Beasts." This symbolism is represented by Scientology's training lion.

11 (arrow) corresponds with "Gold" or "Golden". (Scientology's latest version of training is called the Golden Age of Tech.) According to Crowley, 11 is the number of magic.

4 corresponds with the Emperor tarot card. The Hebrew Letter cheth is the letter designated on this card. There are two emperors now: Hubbard and Miscavige?

8 also corresponds with the Hebrew letter cheth, which in turn corresponds with Hubbard's Chariot card. We have two sets of 8, which means there are two chariots--one for Hubbard and one for Miscavige?

The emory boards--that wouldn't be Meade Emory, would it? Just kidding. (Meade Emory is a cofounder of Church of Spiritual Technology (CST), the organization that controls Scientology. He is a former Assistant to the Commissioner of IRS.) [8]

The star repeats Crowley's maxim: "Every man is a star," which means that if you do Super Power, you'll become a god. Posted recently to alt.religion.scientology were a number of documents that allegedly provide details of various Super Power processes. The authenticity of these documents cannot be confirmed. However, the processes posted would create a psychological condition whereby the person would end up with a godlike impression of himself.

Scientology's mind control programming has as a basic feature: the person is entrained into a completely controlled psychological condition while at the same time feeling extroverted and "powerful."


® [7]

"No longer on the horizon" implies a New Dawn (relates to the Rosicrucian's Golden Dawn.)

"Forging Ahead Toward a Cleared Planet"??...

In Aleister Crowley's training system, one forges a symbolic sword which relates to efforts to develop one's analytical factors.[10]
Hubbard defined ethics as reason, and said it was man's best weapon. [11] Scientology's ethics system is a sophisticated control system.

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