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Scientology ® Training Propaganda


The expansion of Scientology depends upon members who are trained in Hubbard's auditing technology. Auditing is generally sold in blocks of 12 1/2 hour intensives--prices vary according to type of auditing and range between $50 per hour for introductory auditing to approximately $800 per hour for auditing by Flag's highest trained auditors.

To encourage Scientologists to train in his system, Scientology executives and marketing personnel often quote Hubbard's well-publicized opinion of auditors:

I think of an auditor as a person with enough guts to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.<sic> This quality is rare and this quality is courageous in the extreme.
It is my opinion and knowledge that auditors are amongst the upper tenth of the upper twentieth of intelligent human beings. Their will to do, their motives, their ability to grasp and to use are superior to that of any other profession.
I think of an auditor as having INITIATIVE.<sic> He is able to grasp or make a mock-up and put it into action.
If this world has any faintest chance of surviving it will be not because I write, but because auditors can and will think and do.
I think our auditors came from beings lately arrived on Earth who, seeing where it was going, decided to band together to send it elsewhere. [2]

--L. Ron Hubbard ®

As seen above, Hubbard created a fictional "past" for every Scientologist who trains to be an auditor. Auditors inherit this past in a literal way; it is Hubbard's stamp of approval which is continually refreshed by Scientology's marketing and training promotions.

…You got a human being made into a new kind of human being. It’s a body being monitored by a trap-proof thetan, and that makes quite a guy. Quite a guy. There’s a big difference between that guy and Homo sapiens. An enormous guy. This goal is so far beyond the goals of the first book that I don’t think you could measure them with light-wave meters—light-year meters. It’s just be—way beyond anything, because the bird’s immortal. Maybe you haven’t probably, many of you, taken even that into consideration, that you’ve just made a god. What is the definition of a god? It’s an immortal. Since time immemorial in this language, the gods are immortals. The immortals are gods. [3]

--L. Ron Hubbard

The Scientology auditor is not only provided with fictional past--his technical certificates come with an incredible ego-inflation that gets reinforced at every turn by Scientology staff and lay Scientologists alike. Not only are auditors gods--they are the makers of gods. Scientology training uses sophisticated methods to hypnotically replicate Hubbard's exact techniques in the mind of the auditor. This will be discussed in greater detail elsewhere.

The Scientology community is highly organized peer hierarchy qualified by one's training level, auditing level and track history of financial contribution to Scientology organizations. Hubbard's ethics technology reinforces this hierarchy--when evaluating the relative worth and condition of one's peers, Scientologists' ethical perspective includes the subject's training level, auditing level and date of last Scientology service.

While a Scientologist can get a certain way up the Bridge by receiving professional auditing, Hubbard ® emphasized training as providing at least 50% of the gains in Scientology. He also said that you can't "go OT" without being trained.

The lion ® symbolizes training in Scientology.

Due to extremely aggressive marketing campaigns by Flag, Scientologists who train at Flag get the special designation of "Flag ® -trained" ahead of their classification status. A Flag-trained Class VIII for example carries a higher status than someone who trains at a lower organization. Flag training costs significantly more than at lower organizations.


The American Saint Hill ® Organization uses their statue of the training lion. It rests at the entrance to this organization. In the background of this image are students training with the Scientology e-meter. The female student is practicing her skill with the male coach who simulates being a preclear.

At the Saint Hill level of Scientology's organizational hierarchy, the keynote course is called the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course, or "BC". On this course the student studies Hubbard's technology in chronological date order of release.

Scientology propaganda engenders the sentiment that by training as an auditor, the member has the global edge on helping mankind.



Scientology propaganda repetitively bombards membership with buttons such as seen here. This magazine is a cookie-cutter type of publication that Class V ® organizations send to their local membership.



Teth (Th, as in "the," also T, value 9) means "snake", symbol of what has been known among occultists for ages as the "serpent-power." [...] The serpent also symbolizes secrecy, subtlety and wisdom. [...]

Leo the Lion, a fixed sign of fiery quality, is attributed to the letter Teth. [...] The astrological sign for Leo resembles a serpent... [8]

--Paul Foster Case

is the letter Teth, as depicted in the tarot card to the right. In this card the Empress is taming the beast. Hubbard identified with the Empress in his pre-Scientology days as documented by his magical partner, Jack Parsons. [9]

Note the "infinity sign" above the head of the Empress. Scientology uses this symbol to represent the god dynamic--that area of life that Scientology professes to not intrude upon. Scientology manipulates psychological energy to create the illusion that by training one becomes a god and a godmaker. In fact, Scientology mind control training creates in the member "a living embodiment of Hubbard technology."[10]

The seahorse is a symbol for Class VIII auditors, and closely resembles the occult lion-serpent symbolism.

These concepts are embodied in Scientology's training lion.

See also The Scientology Symbol

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