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Sea Organization Symbolism

SEA ORG COAT OF ARMS, it is a very precise symbolic statement of our ideals and beliefs. The principal designs used on it are (1) the 8 dynamic cross of Scientology, (2) the Sea Org wreath and star, (3) ascending seagulls and (4) sea horse. (FO 3351) [2]

-- L Ron Hubbard ®

Revenimus is a form of the latin word which means "We come back." Hubbard wrote Sea Org members into his OT 3 mythology--they are the Loyal Officers who salvaged the planet 75 million years ago after Xenu did his number. Sea Org members eventually come to "realize" that they are reincarnated Loyal Officers. In joining the Sea Org, they believe they are simply rejoining the same age-old group.

Sea Organization members sign a billion year contract, the significance of which loses its mystery when you consider that Hubbard was also developing his ethics system during the period when he was first establishing the Sea Org. The very commitment to a billion years of service acts as a control mechanism that facilitates the "thetan" viewpoint and establishes unquestioning loyalty.

It is much easier (for obvious reasons) to acquire the Magical Memory when one has been sworn for many lives to reincarnate immediately.  The great obstacle is the phenomenon called Freudian forgetfulness; that is to say, that though an unpleasant event may be recorded faithfully enough by the mechanism of the brain, we fail to recall it, or recall it wrong, because it is painful.  The Psychopathology of Everyday Life analyzes and illustrates this phenomenon in detail.  Now, the Kings of Terrors being Death, it is hard indeed to look it in the face.  Mankind has created a host of phantastic masks; people talk of "going to heaven," "passing over," and so on—banners flaunted from pasteboard towers of baseless theories.  One instinctively flinches from remembering one's last, as one does from imagining one's next, death.  The point of view of the initiate helps one immensely.

As soon as one passes over this pons asinorum, the practice becomes much easier.  It is much less trouble to reach the life before the last; familiarity with death breeds contempt for it. [3]

--Aleister Crowley

Pons asinorum is a latin expression for the Bridge. The Sea Org is Hubbard's elite group that is responsible for the expansion of Scientology ® through his ethics control measures. See related information on Hubbard's Bridge.

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SEA ORG SYMBOL, 1. the Sea Org symbol adopted and used as the symbol of a Galactic Confederacy far back in the history of this sector, derives much of its power and authority from that association. The laurel wreath represents victory. Used throughout the history of this planet to crown poets, artists, champions and conquerers, it not only represents the physical victory but the series of inner victories achieved by the individual, and the clarification and purification of his inner aims and purposes which lead to the outward victory. It is associated with the head, the traditional abode of the spirit. The five pointed star most commonly signifies rising up towards the point of origin; thus, it is a potent symbol of alignment to source. The laurel wreath and star, in combination, signify the victory of the spirit which is rising upward towards the point of origin or source. Its proper color is always gold. And note that the star is not trapped in its victory, but is in the open field towards the top of the wreath, allowing free exit, beyond its victory, and that is, in fact, in a field of blue, symbolizing truth. (FO 3350) [FO: Flag Order] 2. the star is the confederation and each one of those leaves is counted, it's the number of stars. (6804SM-)[Taped lecture][4]

-- L Ron Hubbard


Note in the definition above, Hubbard carefully points out that the star points upwards to "source." In Scientology, Hubbard is "Source." Therefore, from his perspective the star would be reversed. The upside down pentagram is the symbol of Set, or the Devil.

There are 26 "laurel leaves", which supposedly represent the number of stars in the Confederation. I have not located any occult symbolism corresponding to laurel leaves. However, the number 26 in gematria corresponds to Capricorn, which is the sign of the Devil.[6]


Adeptus Major Grade in the A ...A ... comes as the next level of Crowley's magical training system after identifying with the Holy Guardian angel.

The symbols for this grade are the pentagram and the lion-serpent.


SEAHORSE, the traditional Sea Org symbol for standard technology. Formally adopted in 1968 as the symbol of Class VIII, it is employed on documents of highest priority as the symbol of the continuous dedication of the Sea Org to the maintenance of standard tech. It expresses our highest aim, in that, by ensuring that standard tech as set down by L. Ron Hubbard is maintained, we protect the bridge for all mankind to attain to a higher spiritual state. (FO 3350)[8]

-- L Ron Hubbard



The form of the lion-serpent resembles Hubbard's sea horse. The lion-serpent also relates to the tarot card "Lust." See Theta and the Death Penalty for further information on Hubbard's Lust card.

Scientology's training lion combines with this symbolism.

SEAGULL, a symbol of the Sea Org going back to its first origin. The seagull is associated with the power of the sea. Traditionally, a bird soraring skywards is symbolic of the spirit ascending, or freeing itself, and, generally speaking, birds are symbols of thought, or imagination, and of the swiftness of spiritual processes and relationships. In the Sea Org coat of arms, the bird is used in a group of three. Thusly, it represents such concepts as the third dynamic, the cycle of action, and the Be-Do-Have cycle. A group of three also symbolized spiritual synthesis, and is the formula for the creation of each of the worlds. In our terms, this represents the three universes, one's own, others, and the physical universe. That the seagull is white symbolizes the basic purity of the spirit. The red band ascending across the four divisions of the field (the fourth dynamic) represents the bridge which is strengthened by the activity of the Sea Org and the Church of Scientology in line with Ron's purpose. (FO 3350)[10]

-- L Ron Hubbard



Both the sea horse and the seagulls relate to the sea. Water symbolism relates to the unconscious. Sea water has the additional quality of salt, a mineral with specific occult meaning. In Crowley's system of ceremonial magic, the chain represents salt, which serves to bind the wandering thoughts. [11]

Is Hubbard's sea symbolism a hidden effort to entrain his membership by the very opposite--a false hope that they were on their way to total freedom?

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